12 Month Payday Loans no Fees
Representative APR: 91%*
Amount of credit £500 borrowed for 180 days. Interest: £160.27 Interest rate: 65% per annum (fixed). Representative APR: 91% Total amount payable: £660.27
Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk
Payday Loan is an expensive form of credit that is unsuitable for longer term borrowing needs and for those in financial difficulties.

How It Works

Applying for a loan, using our finder service is really very easy. Your first step to applying is to make sure that you would be eligible for a loan. There is no point in making an application if you were not eligible for it in the first place. Please see our Eligibility page for a checklist to see if you are in a position to apply for a loan.

You also need to calculate whether you would be in a position to pay the loan and associated charges back when you say you will.

If you have checked all of the above things and you feel happy about applying then all you need to do is fill out our online application form. Please make sure that all your details are accurate because lenders will need that information in order to make a decision on your loan application. They will perform both a credit check and in most cases, an identity check to make sure that you are who you say you are and you are in a position to pay the loan back.

Once you have submitted your application, it will take a few moments to process. Please be patient and wait until a decision appears on your screen. If you are approved, you will then be passed to the lenders website, where they will ask a few more details so that they can arrange to send the money too you or do further checks that they need to do. From that point on, you are dealing directly with the lender and your session with us comes to an end.

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